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Experience the captivating Coze Tableware Collection, featuring a delicate colorway of light pink and taupe grey with white rims. Crafted from porcelain with a shiny glaze, this collection offers a variety of plates, bowls, and serveware. Elevate your dining experience with the charming elegance and comforting design of Coze. Each item in this range is multi-functional, space-saving, an ideal solution for small kitchens

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Product type
Product type
Coze - Salad Plate 19cmCoze - Salad Plate 19cm
Coze - Salad Plate 19cm Sale price$69 HKD
Coze - Dinner Plate 26cmLight pink dinnerware with dessert and macarons
Coze - Dinner Plate 26cm Sale price$99 HKD
Coze - Soup Bowl 13cmCoze - Soup Bowl 13cm
Coze - Soup Bowl 13cm Sale price$49 HKD
Coze - Soup SpoonCoze - Soup Spoon
Coze - Soup Spoon Sale price$29 HKD
Coze - Round Low Bowl 14cmCoze - Round Low Bowl 14cm
Coze - Round Low Bowl 14cm Sale price$59 HKD
Coze - Round Serving Bowl 24cmCoze - Round Serving Bowl 24cm
V Shape Light pink bowl with white rim edgeCoze - Noodle Bowl 19cm
Coze - Noodle Bowl 19cm Sale price$119 HKD
Coze - Espresso Cup & Saucer 90mlCoze - Espresso Cup & Saucer 90ml
light pink coffee cup with saucer plateCoze - Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 200ml
Coze - Round Teapot 850mlCoze - Round Teapot 850ml
Coze - Round Teapot 850ml Sale price$109 HKD
Coze - Coffee Creamer 90mlCoze - Coffee Creamer 90ml
Coze - Coffee Creamer 90ml Sale price$19 HKD
Coze - Tall Mug 400mlCoze - Tall Mug 400ml
Coze - Tall Mug 400ml Sale price$69 HKD
Coze - Triangular Serving Platter 29cmCoze - Triangular Serving Platter 29cm
Coze - Triangular Serving Platter XL 33cmCoze - Triangular Serving Platter XL 33cm
Coze - Pasta Plate 24cmCoze - Pasta Plate 24cm
Coze - Pasta Plate 24cm Sale price$109 HKD
Coze - Small Stackable Bowl 11cmCoze - Small Stackable Bowl 11cm