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De Terra

Browse De Terra, it comes in six neutral earthy tones with range of plates, bowls and serveware accessories. Featuring a semi-matte glaze that adds a subtle touch of sophistication, this timeless design can be dressed up or dressed down. De Terra offers an unparalleled versatility that effortlessly compliments any dining experience. Let your creativity flow as you mix and match different colours and shapes to create the ultimate table setting. 

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Product type
Product type
De Terra - Oval Bowl 23cmDe Terra - Oval Bowl 23cm
De Terra - Oval Bowl 23cm Sale price$109 HKD
De Terra - Coffee Creamer 120mlDe Terra - Coffee Creamer 120ml
De Terra - Small Coffee Creamer 90mlDe Terra - Small Coffee Creamer 90ml
De Terra - Teapot 600mlDe Terra - Teapot 600ml
De Terra - Teapot 600ml Sale price$99 HKD
Matte Black Round Traditional TeapotLight Brown Khaki Colour traditional teapot
De Terra - Porcelain Mug 400ml
De Terra - V Shape Mug 270mlDe Terra - V Shape Mug 270ml
De Terra - Espresso Cup & Saucer 90mlDe Terra - Espresso Cup & Saucer 90ml
De Terra - Bold Latte Cup & Saucer 300mlDe Terra - Bold Latte Cup & Saucer 300ml
De Terra - Bold Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 200mlDe Terra - Bold Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 200ml
De Terra - Small Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 160ml#colour_mattblack
De Terra - Stackable Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 200mlDe Terra - Stackable Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 200ml
De Terra - Soup SpoonDe Terra - Soup Spoon
De Terra - Soup Spoon Sale price$29 HKD
De Terra - Round Serving Bowl 24cmDe Terra - Round Serving Bowl 24cm
De Terra - Low Bowl 15.5cmDe Terra - Low Bowl 15.5cm
De Terra - Low Bowl 15.5cm Sale price$69 HKD
De Terra - Low Bowl 13cmDe Terra - Low Bowl 13cm
De Terra - Low Bowl 13cm Sale price$39 HKD
De Terra - Noodle Bowl 19cmDe Terra - Noodle Bowl 19cm
De Terra - Noodle Bowl 19cm Sale price$89 HKD
De Terra - Cereal Bowl 15cmDe Terra - Cereal Bowl 15cm
De Terra - Cereal Bowl 15cm Sale price$49 HKD