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Introducing Mirage, a collection that features a mezmerising blue reactive glaze complimented with a matte black or matte white exterior. Add a fine touch of modern elegance to your tabletop with versatile tableware pieces including dinnerware, drinkware, and serveware. 

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Product type
Product type
Mirage - Salad Plate 21cmMirage - Salad Plate 21cm
Mirage - Salad Plate 21cm Sale price$109 HKD
Mirage - Dinner Plate 24cmMirage - Dinner Plate 24cm
Mirage - Dinner Plate 24cm Sale price$119 HKD
Mirage - Dinner Plate 26cmMirage - Dinner Plate 26cm
Mirage - Dinner Plate 26cm Sale price$119 HKD
Mirage - Small Dip Dish
Mirage - Small Dip Dish Sale price$39 HKD
Mirage - Soup Bowl 15cm
Mirage - Soup Bowl 15cm Sale price$79 HKD
Mirage - Noodle Bowl 19cm
Mirage - Noodle Bowl 19cm Sale price$79 HKD
Mirage - Espresso Cup & Saucer 90mlMirage - Espresso Cup & Saucer 90ml
Mirage - Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 170mlMirage - Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 170ml
Mirage - Mug 400ml
Mirage - Mug 400ml Sale price$59 HKD
Mirage - Serving PlatterMirage - Serving Platter
Mirage - Serving Platter Sale price$259 HKD
Mirage - Pasta PlateMirage - Pasta Plate
Mirage - Pasta Plate Sale price$119 HKD