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Craftstone collection features a unique half-glazed exterior and some intentional unglazed edges which adds a touch of artistry to the table. The perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The collection's versatility effortlessly combines artistry with practicality. Designed in Beacon Grey and Ultramarine, this premium porcelain collection offers captivating colours and enduring quality.

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Product type
Product type
Craftstone - Asymmetric Bowl 11cmCraftstone - Asymmetric Bowl 11cm
Craftstone - Asymmetric Bowl 15cmCraftstone - Asymmetric Bowl 15cm
Craftstone - Asymmetric Bowl 18cmCraftstone - Asymmetric Bowl 18cm
Craftstone - Dip DishCraftstone - Dip Dish
Craftstone - Dip Dish Sale price$39 HKD
Craftstone - Small Bowl 12cmCraftstone - Small Bowl 12cm
Craftstone - Half Glazed Coffee Mug 350mlCraftstone - Half Glazed Coffee Mug 350ml
Craftstone - Bread Plate 12cmCraftstone - Bread Plate 12cm
Craftstone - Salad Plate 21cmCraftstone - Salad Plate 21cm
Craftstone - Dinner Plate 26cmCraftstone - Dinner Plate 26cm
Craftstone - Round Serving Bowl 22.5cmCraftstone - Round Serving Bowl 22.5cm
Craftstone - Bean Shape Serving Bowl 23cmCraftstone - Bean Shape Serving Bowl 23cm
Craftstone - Serving Plate 29cmCraftstone - Serving Plate 29cm
Craftstone - Serving Platter 28cmCraftstone - Serving Platter 28cm
Craftstone - Serving Platter XL 38cmCraftstone - Serving Platter XL 38cm
Craftstone - Oval Bowl 26cmCraftstone - Oval Bowl 26cm
Craftstone - Oval Bowl 26cm Sale price$139 HKD