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Product type
Night & Day - Round Irregular Plate 16cmNight & Day - Round Irregular Plate 16cm
Night & Day - Round Irregular Plate 21cmNight & Day - Round Irregular Plate 21cm
Night & Day - Round Flat Plate 21cmNight & Day - Round Flat Plate 21cm
Night & Day - Round Flat Plate 26cmNight & Day - Round Flat Plate 26cm
Coze - Pasta Plate 24cmCoze - Pasta Plate 24cm
Coze - Pasta Plate 24cm Sale price$109 HKD
Coze - Triangular Serving Platter XL 33cmCoze - Triangular Serving Platter XL 33cm
Coze - Triangular Serving Platter 29cmCoze - Triangular Serving Platter 29cm
Coze - Dinner Plate 26cmLight pink dinnerware with dessert and macarons
Coze - Dinner Plate 26cm Sale price$99 HKD
Coze - Salad Plate 19cmCoze - Salad Plate 19cm
Coze - Salad Plate 19cm Sale price$69 HKD
Craftstone - Serving Platter XL 38cmCraftstone - Serving Platter XL 38cm
Craftstone - Serving Platter 28cmCraftstone - Serving Platter 28cm
Craftstone - Serving Plate 29cmCraftstone - Serving Plate 29cm
Craftstone - Dinner Plate 26cmCraftstone - Dinner Plate 26cm
Craftstone - Salad Plate 21cmCraftstone - Salad Plate 21cm
Craftstone - Bread Plate 12cmCraftstone - Bread Plate 12cm
Craftstone - Dip DishCraftstone - Dip Dish
Craftstone - Dip Dish Sale price$39 HKD
Mirage - Small Dip Dish
Mirage - Small Dip Dish Sale price$39 HKD
Mirage - Serving PlatterMirage - Serving Platter
Mirage - Serving Platter Sale price$259 HKD
Mirage - Pasta PlateMirage - Pasta Plate
Mirage - Pasta Plate Sale price$119 HKD
Mirage - Dinner Plate 26cmMirage - Dinner Plate 26cm
Mirage - Dinner Plate 26cm Sale price$119 HKD
Mirage - Dinner Plate 24cmMirage - Dinner Plate 24cm
Mirage - Dinner Plate 24cm Sale price$119 HKD
Mirage - Salad Plate 21cmMirage - Salad Plate 21cm
Mirage - Salad Plate 21cm Sale price$109 HKD
De Terra - Deep Plate 21cmDe Terra - Deep Plate 21cm
De Terra - Deep Plate 21cm Sale price$89 HKD
De Terra - Deep Plate 18cmDe Terra - Deep Plate 18cm
De Terra - Deep Plate 18cm Sale price$79 HKD
De Terra - Serving Platter 28cmDe Terra - Serving Platter 28cm
De Terra - Dinner Plate 26cmDe Terra - Dinner Plate 26cm
De Terra - Dinner Plate 23cmDe Terra - Dinner Plate 23cm
De Terra - Salad Plate 20cmDe Terra - Salad Plate 20cm
De Terra - Salad Plate 20cm Sale price$49 HKD
De Terra - Salad Plate 18cmDe Terra - Salad Plate 18cm
De Terra - Salad Plate 18cm Sale price$39 HKD
De Terra - Bread Plate 15cmDe Terra - Bread Plate 15cm
De Terra - Bread Plate 15cm Sale price$29 HKD